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Tatlin is a multi-platform Gcode and STL viewer for 3D printing


Displaying a Gcode file The number of layers to display can be adjusted Each layer can be displayed in 2D for closer examination Displaying an STL file


Tatlin runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It depends on the following packages:

Arch Linux

Install dependencies:

$ sudo pacman -S python2 wxpython python2-opengl python2-numpy


$ python2

You can also provide a filename to load:

$ python2 foobar.stl


Self-contained executable

The self-contained archive contains all of the dependencies, including the Python interpreter. Download, unpack and run tatlin.exe.

Manual installation

If you you already have some of the dependencies installed or don't want the self-contained executable for some other reason, you can install Tatlin manually. Make sure all the installers match the flavor of the Python interpreter you selected (32 or 64 bit).

  1. Download and install the latest Python 2 interpreter from During the install, select the option to add Python to your PATH.
  2. Download and install wxPython
  3. Download and install PyOpenGL and PyOpenGL-accelerate from
  4. Download and install NumPy from



Mac OS X

Application bundle

Self-contained executable that includes all the dependencies. Unzip and run

Manual installation

I was able to install Tatlin on Mac OS X Mountain Lion using the preinstalled Python 2.7.2 and NumPy 1.6.1.

  1. Download and install wxPython. If you're not sure which package you need, download the Cocoa version. Because the installer is not signed, you need to turn off Gatekeeper (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General, select "Allow app downloads from: Anywhere") prior to the installation. Check out StackOverflow for more info.
  2. Install PyOpenGL using pip:
    $ pip install PyOpenGL
    To install PyOpenGL-accelerate, first download Command Line Tools for Xcode or Xcode from the Apple Developer portal.
    $ pip install PyOpenGL_accelerate


$ python

Get the source

You can download this project in either zip or tar formats:

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://


Tatlin is licensed under GPLv2 or later.

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